Spirit Medium

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Hearing from our loved ones who have crossed over is a gift, a moment of inspiration and an opportunity to heal. Experiencing the communication of mediumship reminds us of the tangible connection that is ever present with those that we love and those that love us. I would be honored to share communication with you from your loved ones. 

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End Of Life Doula

Dying happens to all of us, just like living does and we can choose how we want to participate in these moments. You can take back some control in your dying experience or the experience of a loved one. I would be honored to support you and your loved ones, in this sacred space.


Guidance & Growth

Are you interested in growing your connection to spirit and discovering your ability to communicate with spirit: mediumship, medical intuition and more?  I would be honored to encourage your journey by sharing insight and practical experiences from my journey, as inspiration for your spiritual growth during a Guidance & Growth Coaching session. 

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